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Posted:Hey all,Splat made me think of something..I used to do a lot of Gymnastics...I wasnt all that great but I was decent. I havent trained gym in literally 10 years. I'm now 25, and I was wondering what your opinions are of going back to gymnastics at this age?has anyone done it? how'd you go? am I just being silly (for even asking)? or am I silly for suggesting that 25 is too old?I dunno - I guess I'm wondering what ppl think of all this.I'd like to get the round off backflip back sault combo - not too hard...but hard for me now!
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JoshI'd like to point out, that I've been posting to and monitoring HOP for the last 15.5 consecutive hours (travel from work to home notwithstanding)
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bed time. seeya all in 8 hours
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Posted:I would say it depends a lot on your body type and condition... now me... I'm 6'8" and have been since I was 15... gymnastics was never an option.However, I have a great deal of coordination for my size and do a lot of fairly acrobatic dance and poi moves... and I am 24.I would say age should be the last consideration... do what you feel and what your body tells you... I know once I started doing poi.. not so long ago, my body told me I could do a lot more things than I ever thought I could... I am in better shape now than I was at 18.

Are we there yet?
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Posted:Josh - I took up yoga and cricket at 25, having never been a 'sporty' type. One year later I had 2 pins permanently inserted in my hand from breaking a bone in it going for a blinder of a catch.
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Sufficed to say, at 30, I'm doing yoga, and I'd agree with Twist - I'm in better shape now than ever. Go for it, the worst you can do is injure yourself badly
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Posted:It might take you a while to reach peak fitness again, but you're not too old.Exerpt from the 6th World Games guide Book Sports Acrobatics section:"There is no age limit in acrobatics. Athletes may begin at a young age, but they can continue activities as athletes when they grow up. In fact, athletes in their twenties and thirties are active in the world championships."Rhythmic Gymnasts tend to be younger however.I presume you want to take gymnastics up again up for fun and not to compete. Whatever - I say go for it. ------------------"London is a city coming down from its trip and there's going to be a lot of refugees" - Danny,Withnail & I

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Posted:Hey Josh,I think it mostly hinges on how you feel. Biggest issue imo is flexibility and strength of your bones. 's why I think kids are great at it, since they're a bit like Gumby - can be bent any which way, and can crash about without too much injury.Strength can be built up, although it's not really what's needed for tumbling. Flexbility'll take a while, but it's possible. Perhaps combining gymnastics with yoga could speed it up.Also, how fit do you consider yourself now? Although poi does heaps for your arms and shoulders, what about your legs?All in all, I reckon the roundoff backflip back sault combo's attainable.=)

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Posted:I say you're not old enough to say 'I'm too old' thats for sure! *And* you've done it before so you know your bones and muscles can bend that way without breaking (well they could in the past why the hell not now).Not that you should go out and attempt such wihout reconditioning yourself properly first but you seem pretty sensible so I won't bother with possible repercussions etc - you could get hit by a bus in a years time and imagine looking back and going DAMN I wish I'd at least TRIED to do that rad move with some fire sticks or poi or whatever.Take the plunge back into it if thats what that 'voice' is telling you - cause if you can't do it now when the hell can you do it
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Posted:Josh, you old bastard
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Michael Jordan reckoned he was at his physical peak at 32 and I'd have to say I agree. Entirely finished growing physically and at home with your body as an environment and a tool there's still athletes performing well in to there thirties and forties (see Tony Hawk for another example).You're only as old as the on you feel
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Go hard if you feel up to the challenge 'old man'
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Posted:Splat; too right. If not now, when?emthren; I'm fittish - took up martial arts straight after stopping Gym, and have only slacked off recently. I was getting close to Splits (3 ways) only about a year ago. so yeah - flexible too.Everyone else - thanks for the insight and support.AS for you Bezerker; I'll settle this in person
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I reckon you guys are tops
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Rock on.Josh

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