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Posted:There was a discussion thread in January about practicing and how long you train for each day (and there was a recent poll on this as well). What I was wondering, though, is WHERE you practice, and do you think this effects your style and moves?I practice (unlit) in my lounge room at home, which is is not that large. I think this has made me focus on my body movement more,in relation to the Poi, and to tighten up transitions and turns.I find that when I'm out in a large space, I tend to walk all over the place, but inside I pretty much stand in one place.

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Posted:Hey ade,I practice in my backyard. unless its raining, in which case I dont practice...although we do have a spare room, and if this rain doesnt let up I think I'll be converting it to a twirling room.We used to have a regular twirling / juggling meet under a bridge in the CBD of Adelaide, but we havent met for a whlie, because of sickness etc etc...I don agree that the place you practice would afect your moves...Josh


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Posted:During our pesky winters I practice inside, either ina rehersal studio or, mostly, in my reading area at home. Summer it's outside as much as possible and alot of the time in venue areas.I actually think it does have an effect. My home has drop ceilings, which are obviously very low. Because of this my chains are *really* short and everything I do is tight and close to my body. It takes and actual effort for me to push past that boundaries. Also because of it, most of the moves I am more comfortable doing on my knees rather than standing, so as a result I can I do *alot* of knee/rolling/ground work.But this is just my experience.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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Posted:I live in the city and so don't have a back yard. Instead, I practice out on the street in front of my house. Luckily, that street's a pretty secluded, little-travelled alley.On a few occasions, I've also gone to SpinJam, which is a weekly spinning event held in a dance studio in one of the more bohemian parts of town. And when I'm at SpinJam, there's a lot less room. I find myself having to be much more technically aware, much more precise, much more controlled. Whereas, in the alley, I've got a whole street to play with, and I can do bigger moves, walk around more -- I've got this travelling move I'm having fun with lately, where I do a whole sequence of low turns, high turns, and some related stuff like chasing the sun, moving down the alley as I do, continually turning around.I don't like going to SpinJam unless the weather's been shitty for weeks, specifically because the conditions are so restricted. So I'm pretty sure that your practice environment affects your style. At least it has mine.(It also occurs to me that this might be why I have so little interest in going down to the ground -- we're in the club district and have construction happening on our street, so the asphalt here is even grungier than most.)




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Posted:I do have a backyard, and it's almost perfect for practicing, except in certain spots I can whack the overhead phone line.When I was recently visiting San Francisco, I had to walk to a park to practice. This didn't really affect my style, but it certainly affected the frequency of my practicing. At home, I can take several mini-practices a day. There, that wouldn't be practical. I also went to the Tuesday-night spin-jam when I was out there. I enjoyed it, but as kmactane says, it really gets crowded on that floor, so you can't cut loose.

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Posted:I practise in the courtyard in front of my flat. If the weather is good I go down to St James Park and on tuesdays I go to 'just jugglers' at the drome. Although if I get the urge the nearest open space becomes my playground.

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Posted:Well, I have lots of places. My back yard is among my favorites, it's great to have so much freedome. I also like practicing at a nearby park, the little kids are amazed and I kinda like feeling like a magician. the worst place I spin is at a rave, I always get a nurvous heat ball in the pit of my stomach and get all shaky, it sucks but hey, one day I'll get over it. Eric------------------If you don't want to be an addict, don't ever start spinning.

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Posted:When the weather's good, I like to practice on Port Meadow - it's the ancient Common of Oxford, and is about the same size as the town. There's a path pretty much from the bottom of my road, at the end I can stand in a field far enough from people that if I drop a Poi at speed, no-one except me's going to get hit. I get a view across the meadow towards the river Thames, I face the sunset, and there have been some really good ones lately, I get distracted by the swans, cattle and horses that live on the Meadow.In short, I get nicely reconnected.Good spot for a bit of Tai Chi, too.mikeyB


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Posted:Nice days - in my garden, on the heath or in the woods across the road.Rainy days - indoors or on the drive behind my van.Thursdays at a multistorey car-park with some new-found chums.Tuesdays at Just Juggling (Drome) - just been to my first one and it was SUUUUPERB
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Posted:Practice mostly in my backyard since I get a reflection from the bbq grill (strange but true). For a change in scenery, I like to walk down to the beach and cliffs along the coast.------------------ quote:Embrace and perpetuate constant change


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