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Posted:I learned a new wicking technique for fire fingers and fire fans and any smaller wicked implement. If you take a cotton ball or two and wrap them around the implement and then wrap the kevlar around that it helps them to burn longer. The cotton soaks up the fuel and then feeds it to the kevlar wicking. IT's awesome!! I have tried and have not had any problems with dripping and it doubled the burn time on my fingers and fans.Thought I would pass it on.Donia LoveDirectorIgnis Devoco Industrial Fire Circus"Where ther is sorrow, I seek the flame."Rumi

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Posted:Hi1I have a question, I have been trying to find/ make fire fans for some time now and I'm having alot of trouble.Do you have a design for fans?What sort of metal do you use? And how to hold the fan rigid. What kind of wick, (thickness, length etc)I have never actually seen anyone with fans, and am only going by pics on the net at various places...If any one can help.PLEASE!!!!


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