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Posted:We all know of the popular double poi and staff and it's variations, flags, staff with one big flag covering the intire staff, the cross configureation staff,clubs,batons ect..My question is do you have any of your own poi/staff ideas? I would really like to see a compition for new types of poi invented by the user itself the winner would be jugged by creativity and usedge. of his poi invention or modification.

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Posted:hey touch,
I've had the same thought, but a little simpler concept. With a small resevoir on both ends of the staff shaped like a cylinder, a special nickel spring on the wick side holding the plunger up on the resevoir, you should be able to run a small current through the spring, causing it to collapse. Centrifugal force should release the fuel and make big fireballs/flames. I'm guessing the resevoir only needs to hold an ounce or two of fuel. A channel just after the closed plunger position would allow easy distribution of fuel. They also make nickel springs that will collapse at a given pressure, so you could, in effect, do the same thing just by accelerating the spin. the problem with this method is you would have to increase force (spin) as fuel is used to make the spring collapse. I'm still in the 'drawing board' stage. I need to find someone with a metal lathe to create the aluminium cylinders and plungers. the plunger would need to incorporate an impermeable rubber seal, as well. anyhow.
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Posted:Two ideas I had in other threads.

"I thought of this to. I was thinking if you used coloured smoke flares and you also attached really bright

LED's AND a couple of laser pointers or laser sights pointing down it would be extreamly impressive."

"Has anyone ever seen those spark fountains you can get at firework shops? They shoot out a huge fountain of sparks. they are short and stubby sort of. ive only seen small ones I don't know how big they can get. But they certainly make a lot more sparks then sparkler sticks, and probably hurt less then steel wool."


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Posted:This one I like. I came up with this one getting out of a handcuff. You see my punky buddy Luke has a handcuff on his metres of connected chain and suspenders and wallet and shopping trolley seatbelts, but I'm getting off the subject here. I've only played with the original version so far Picture, if you will, this:

1x Hand cuff (attatched to 1x wrist)
1x Long length of chain
?x Wicks

Works similar to a rope dart and very fun to do simaltainious multiple body part wraps with. I will be creating the beast soon.

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