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Posted:WAR FOR OIL???

We should be fighting to save our planet!

Climate change is set to have a devastating impact in our lifetimes. On Nov 19th, the world's top polluter and warmonger visits London.
Take to the streets of Bristol to show Bush and his paymasters Esso what we think of their 'oil first' policies.

So, why Bush and Esso?
Esso, the world's biggest company, ensnared Bush by donating more money to his presidential election than any other oil company ensuring that Esso had a tight enough grasp to direct US climate and energy policies. Sure enough Bush pulled out of the only international climate change treaty, the Kyoto agreement, straight after his election. Esso has spent the last decade sabotaging the world's efforts to prevent us from heating up. They reached profits of $15billion in 2001 yet unbelievably didn't invest a single penny in renewable energy sources. Esso even deny that climate change exists,and paying scientists to support them. We ask Bush to curb his country's foul addiction to oil and Esso to amend their climate change policies.

we ask esso to stop building new oil pipelines and investing in oil exploration, and invest in tecnology in renewables!

bristol people and planet and UWE people and planet and coming together to show bush and esso how we feel, and aim to convince even more of the public to join the millions around the uk boycotting esso.

5 pm, opposite the hippodrome, wednesday 19th!! (also stop the war are toppling a statue of bush in the city centre in the evening too )

hope to see some of you there. it is so important that people who agree that this is wrong,to take to the streets and show it, because thats what changes things. if the pressure is kept up on esso(huge esso protests are going on in london and around the country) they will start to realise that they're screwed without the public-they rely on the public to make profits! please take to the streets on wednesday people! bring pois(maybe not fire if we are at an petrol station im thinkin , but come and spin down at the hippodrome ..)

x x

Never doubt that a small group of crusties, activists, and politicos can change the world... in fact, it's the only thing that ever does ;-)

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Posted:Theres a statue of Bush in our city centre? Where?



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Posted:is there not anything planned to go down to london and protest there?

Your life is ending one minute at a time...
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