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Posted:bounce bounce giggle giggle smile grin giggle grin...

yes, i just cannot wit to come and hug you all so soon

will be arriving thursday 30th early afternoon and leaving again on the 5th of november early morning...

I really hope to see you all at PIP, and if you have some free time, even before and or after ?

sorry i cannot seem to open the london pp thread .... looks like my parents puter is allergic to HoP...

will keep it short in case this one does not go through and the puter crashes again ...

please contact me via email, not Pm for anothr 2 weeks or so ...


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Posted:After the delighted reaction of everyone else on HOP to news of you arriving in London, I can't wait to meet you. I'll be there on the 1st, at least. Also, I've got a place you can stay a short distance out of London if you need anywhere. See you soon!

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Posted:Cass - we can't wait either!!!

See you on 1st at PiP

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