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There were gonna be 11 of us going out to Samothraki this year but now there are only 8

Sad for the 3 that can't go, but good for you because i need to sell 3 tickets.

I bought them as soon as they came on sale for 55 each ($70) and I'm gonna sell them for the same price!

The current ticket price is about 100 so this is a bargain for any of you crazy poiple.

Drew, Coleman, Tom, Dom - you know you wanna.

Anywho, it's getting close to festi time - I can help you out with all the necessary travel arrangments. I'm in brighton UK, so if you are in the area i'll give you them in person, if not then i can mail. Also, i'll need to contact access all areas to tell them about name changes - they should be cool.

See you in paradise

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you could put a post on the Psy-forum too


as there may be a few takers there.. unless you already have.. if not a few peeps on there are going too..

Good luck - wish I could afford to go

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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