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Helz Bellz
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Posted:Hello to all the London peeps!

You've heard the expression 'Red Bull gives you wings' - well here's your chance to see for yourself. On Sunday 3rd August at The Serpentine in London's Hyde Park, the U.K's very first Flugtag takes place - a free event for all to attend.

Following a nationwide advertising campaign, entries have been submitted for the highly sought after 'pilots licence' for the day and the forty finalists can be viewed in the Competitor Info Section from 23rd May 2003.

The event will see the daredevil pilots flying their man-powered aircrafts from a 6m high ramp in the Serpentine. The world will be watching as they gather speed on the ramp, soar into the wild blue yonder, and defy gravity for a few glorious moments before splashdown!

The Red Bull Flugtag is most definitely the dream competition for crazy showmen and Jackass wannabes with a desire to take to the skies in a very unique way!

The show starts at 1pm, but get there early to guarantee a good view!

12.30 - 1pm Around the world with Red Bull Flugtag - big screen footage
1pm Opening Ceremony - with parachute display team
1.15pm Lift off for Red Bull Flugtag
4.40pm Prize Giving
5.00pm Red Bull Flugtag ends

Check out the website....

Red Bull FlugTag

BamBam and me are up for it, anyone else?

oooh. P.S. Did I mention it's free!

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faery em
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Posted:*bumpety bump... bump......... bump*

i may be there - i may not - but half the world seems like they are

warp children still smile the same

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Matthew B-M
Matthew B-M

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Posted:does that mean we'll move Clapham to Hyde Park?

(you know what I mean...)

Luv 'n' Lemons
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:will you bring the spades then?


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I went, and it was completely packed and extremely hot and sunny. I stayed for about the first 6 entries but then i'd had enough of being squashed. Didn't see any other HoP people there, got no reply to Dyke Boy's sms. Anyway, there's a few photos here:



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Posted:I was there all day with a load of mates, saw BamBam, Lolli and a few other scattered around but it was too packed (and the phone networks were seriously overloaded so you could hardly use them) to easily find anyone.

150,000 people!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:bah, bambam told me she wasn't going to it but clapham and didn't see her at either

Great balls of fire
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Posted:It was crazily busy.... saw some juggley types and a diablo bouncing around briefly but there wasn't really enough room to do anything until it had finished - one massive sit-down picnic!

cleared up about 5pm tho - which is about when i found out i'd only brought my poi-tails *slaps forehead*