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Posted:Here at our loverly home on the 'net, we love to discuss the concepts of community, inspiration and performances.
below is a request for some firey assistance for a community festival - it's a great chance to expose heaps more people to that which we love so much - burnin' and twirlin' and possibly rollin' on the ground aflame.

Dear Friends of Fire

I am the Cultural Events Officer for the City of Banyule. As part of an upcoming arts festival we are planning to have a community performance based finale event centered around fire, light and rhythm. In the creation of this event we need to source both artists and teachers to coordinate and perform in the poi and firetwirling aspect.I called Juggleart to ask for some advice and contacts and was advised to direct my enquirey to you.

We are therefore looking for;
1) Teachers / facilitators to run poi workshops at primary schools and manage this aspect on the performance night, and,
2) firetwirlers to perform on the night.

The details in brief are:
The finale is scheduled for 17th August at 5:30pm.
Teachers / Facilitators Workshops - at this stage we are predicting this
would involve -
* working with two schools with groups of approximately 30 kids per school - so 60 pois kids all together
* two X 11/2 hour workshops at each school
* first workshop in the week of 21st - 25th july
* second workshop in the week of 4 - 7th August NOTE : these dates are not at all SET - flexible with the schools.
* rehearsal - a morning, 2 to 3 hour committment, on site week of 11 - 15 August
* the performance - approx 3 hour

The workshops and performance would all be in the Greensborough area.

If you could pass these loose details onto any performers or facilitators
that you think maybe interested that would be greatly appreciated.

As you can see we are running on a pretty tight time line so please contact me on 9457 9936 please PM me for Lisa's number> or email <> with any questions.

With regards

Lisa Martin
Cultural Events Officer
City of Banyule
9457 9936
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now Lisa's number is available! yay for all!

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Posted:me me pick me!
definately in for the firefinale, not so sure about the teaching part. But yeah, put me down for the end bit.

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