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Forums > Events, Performances and Gatherings > Fire gig - Melbourne - Sat 5th July 2003 **offer now closed**

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Posted:A fire gig for a very good cause for all willing Melbourne based fwirlers!!

quote:Flames, Fast Cars and Fantasy...Join the movement.

We are looking for a couple of enthusiastic fire twirlers to help us out at the start of the night at the MOTION 2003 Organ Donor Awareness Ball. MOTION is raising awareness in Organ and Tissue donation throughout the 18-35 year old community. Being a charity our funds are limited and payment for your services would have to be in the form of a ticket to the Ball valued at $85.00 and good Karma. We will also do as much as we can to promote your services on the night.
If you are interested please call 9517 3928 and leave your name and number.
plus you get to meet me and use my fuel!
please get your replies in quick cus it's on this saturday, and the organisers need names for the free tickets!
Definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

*** EDIT ***
thanks for your interest for those who applied,
the offer is now closed! yay!

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Posted:Cool, see you there mate.

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