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Posted:Autumn is well and truly here and winter is approaching rapidly. And so PiP shall hibernate until next year.

But not without one last spin on a winter's day! On November 1st we have some special guests in town:
Cassandra - Exquisitely beautiful dancer and world famous French Frog
Shibaki - Barefooted extraordinaire from Florida
PK - Pierced wonder and founder of PiP
Nat - The spinning angel with a killer smile

So to celebrate we're going to hope the sun shines and have a PiP!

Thanks to everyone who made it down to PiP this year, espically you hardcore spinners who were there come rain, wind and cold! It's been a wicked summer!

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Posted:Joe - glad your fears were allayed !

Cassandra - look forward to seeing you tonight did not get to Clapham until 7-ish on Saturday and was sorry to have missed you. I'll only be around from 6 - 8ish though.

Big hugs to everyone I met Saturday I enjoyed our campfire session muchly

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Posted:Cass, was lovely to finally meet u after hearing so many stories.

*looks for a blushing smiley but to no avail*
Thanx for the complement too Is nice to know that i might have changed your perspcetive on devilstick.

See ya laters



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Posted:kat i left clapham common at about 8 or 9 pm i think ... so we must have been there at the same time YAY for tonight

MWAH MWAH MWAH to every beautyfull soul out there

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Posted:The mind boggles!!!!!

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Posted:birdsanctuary mate, you look like you've seen a ghost.

Would you be interested in a nice cup of tea and we'll forget this whole episode right?

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