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Posted:Hi Si here,
I know this is late notice but..
Cumberland rd Field, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5DE (England)

Basically im getting a "juggling" club up and running at the union, the official line is that we are not a fire club.... but this is not an offical meet!...

From 6pm onwards : we have a bbq so can burn anything to your desired crispyness , (naturally), got some sweet little oil burner lamps, as for music..
if no-one has a BIG cd player for outdoors, then if everyone could bring a speaker radio, i have an fm transmitter that covers the field (so mp3's are ok too ! that shud add up to a decent sound...

Anyways the weather is good so i'll prolly be out there practising all day anyways..

email: fire_fever@hotmail.com
it is regularily checked so dont worry

si (twisthead)

[ 11. June 2003, 13:56: Message edited by: TwistheaD ]

We do it for those electric moments that are far and few between, the shining times when we became lost in sound, space, time, touch and movement all at once.

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