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SmokyDavySILVER Member
Do my poi look too small in this?
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hey Everyone! Hope you're all having lots of spinny fun as the summer is gaining it's strength and all the energies of the earth are returning to us northern hemisphere types once again.

It's 30 days till the OM Festival starts up, and I wanted to make a final invitation to all the poi spinners in the area of North America to come and join us for one of the largest poi jam sessions this province has ever seen.

The theme camp is already registered, and all the members counted, but for those of you who're making last minute decisions and didn't get on this bandwagon, the tickets are still available, and for only 90$CDN (67$US) you can come and enjoy the community spirit that makes this festival so beautiful!

Currently we have 8 performance arts being taught in workshops too, including a Belly Dancing workshop from the lovely Pele!

If you can't connect with us there, we will have a flag flying over our theme camp (Circus Arts) that should look much like this:

Non-Https Image Link

Now for details on the Festival itself:
sumkidz sound system
Your friendly neighborhood Sumkidz crew
welcomes you to our 6th annual musical stew.
Bringing together friends and family old and new...
Exploring amazing art and music of the global zoo!

Come and chill with us under the sun and dance under the stars. Creatures of the night and day await you. Activate your senses and explore

INTERGALACTIC FAERIE FUNK (Mossyrock Records, Los Angeles)
HeSoHi (Imperial DUB Recordings, San Francisco)
Resinators (Maximum Dub,
Brassmonk (???)
Random Order (???)
Warsaw Pack (???)
Kan'Nal (Acoustic Trance Records)
Telefunk Soundsystem (Aria, Toye, & Zumba, Sumkidz)
Rythmicru (
Sourfly (live breaks)
Yoshi and Chie (Japanese sitar & vocal)
Pype & friends (flute & more)

Anwar & Loel (classical Indian sitar & tabla)
Jesse (???)
Elisha (???)
Sandfly (???)
Beaver (???)

BASS NECTAR (Moontribe, Los Angeles.
Sleepy G (Imperial DUB Recordings, San Francisco)
Aberration (Predawn, San Francisco)
DJ Zahra (Funkasia,
Dalia (Best Kept Secret CHRY, Chicks Dig It)
Franks & Beats (???)
General Eclectic (???)
Jah Reverend (???)
Chocolate (Scratch Free Press, Chicks Dig It)
Rollin' Cash
LeeLee Mishi
Michael Lambert
andy schnerg
Sircut Breaker

Archedream (Blacklight Theatre, Philadelphia)
Chhandam Dance Company (Contemporary North Indian Kathaa Dance)

stunning projections by blankfoto
blacklight art installations by ian newton & darrell kearns

gn(om)e sound village
East meets west this year as BC-based Balance Productions teams up with the
Toronto-based Gnome Network, to create a sonic environment to celebrate new
and complex forms of rhythm, art and energy. Featuring a colourful spectrum
of drum+bass, jungle, dub, dancehall, hiphop and experimental breaks, this
project will showcase some of Canada's best up and coming talent while
encouraging active participation and positive social change.

Line 47
The Naw Dub Sound System
Zirco Reshife

Deep Six
Frankie Gunns vs. C-Rat
Gnome Chumpsky aka. Stinky Marinky
Jonah K
Mental Floss vs. Gabor
navi *(with a lowercase 'n')*
Orpheus & Breeze


Sleeping Tree Aromatherapy

Special Visual Installations:
S&M Visuals and Lighting
Rob Fines
+ Live art w/ special guests and much more.

And...of course... special appearances by the Lawn Gnome Massive.

field of drones
\drone\, n. A humming or deep murmuring sound.

_field_of_drones_ is a sound/art/life environment. imagine an endless open field filled with ambient sound lulling you into a hypnotic, restful state. the field will feature solely ambient music. the experience is designed for deep contemplation, meditation, or rest. the field will contain tentable space so that you can play, rest or sleep within a tranquil sonic drone - day or night.

we will feature debut exclusive mixes and recordings from legendary ambient artists and labels: Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Ishq, Mystical Sun, Ambient Temple of Imagination, InterChill, Hearts of Space, Foundry, The Agriculture, Em:t, and others. also, a prime selection of ambient musicians and DJs will bring you live sounds to entrance you.

our village has many attractions to keep your body engaged while your mind and soul are aurally intoxicated: a zen garden, live Butoh dance, the Bedoiun tent [Camp Shisha Dub] serving shisha pipes and tea, and other art & interactive experiential offerings.

address your inner needs: come space out, flow, drone, focalize, linger, reflect, glide, zone out, frolic, contemplate, sail away, trance, float, dream, meditate, and drift with us.

_field_of_drones_ website -

presented to you by dub beautiful collective - bringing elitism to the masses.

electro organic sound system
in the shade of the twisted pines, bop to electrotech-no type, experimental decks
and minimal-mono-MIDI. Mixers, effects, 909's and glitchy lines, moon pop, robotic roots rock, and hip hop records drop.

solvent vs. lowfish (, ersatz audio, morr music, t.o.)
kero (, ,, detroit)
dick richards (, raum music, t.o.)
naw (clonk, piehead,, mtl)
ollie (, hamilton)
zug island (, t.o.)
toye + guest mc's (, telefunk, t.o.)
samiland (, mtl.)
oeuf korrekt (, mtl)
obtuse angle (moon pop, t.o.)
the pieces (labelled:black, t.o)
yehudah (live cello, elegant flux, t.o.)
wooden robots (pop com, ghetto$Y$TEM, niagara)

karri o (,, finland)
eric downer (deep disco, guelph)
task (, t.o.)
ian guthrie (fukhouse, t.o.)
onastic (labelled:black, chicks dig it, t.o.)
sarcastic (, mtl)
kf (the dukes, ottawa)
tobias (technoWest, vancouver, mtl)
grannyark (clove vancouver, zora lanson berlin)
aria (.333 of telefunk,, t.o.)
ricky bionix (the red squirrel, guelph)
jonah k (gnome, t.o.)
ante (swayd, niagara)
what's in your diaper!? (da shit, worldwide)
lily (moon's mama, t.o.)
taunja (lewis street, t.o.)
machine aka stinky marinky (porno house, $$hrine$)

visual design
kristyn gelfand, bryan woodfine, daya lye, marinko jareb,
janine poplak, sona kalra, dermot wilson,

the tea house, audio installations

blacklight activists
Sacred geometric sound and light come together in a symbiotic sonic
playground. We intend to expose the hoax of humanity, lift the veil and move
with the flow of creation. Zero hour has arrived. Implode from the
impalpable or embrace the rapture of dreamtime.

Live TETRAKTYS- SubMachine Records- France
This live set will unleash a plethora of raw sounds shaking loose the
cerebral cortex. Frances freshest frequencies have been flowing from this
mans mind right across the global trance floors

Jota live - Deliria- Vancouver
Isms live - BLA -Toronto

Sketi-Zpoc- South Africa
Chaneke- Mexico- Ollin Lak'ech
Solar- Mexico- Deliria, Kin
Sense, Mexico- Sounds Of Earth
Reptilian- Geomancer, Little Brother Ottawa
Mandelbrot- BLA- TO
Yeb- Cold Groove Rec., BLA TO
Quivering Virgin- BLA TO
Jarek BLA TO

N, Gibson

Visionary Dance by Universal Spirit

alchemist arena
song word movement majick

Nestled within Organika, Alchemist Arena is a venue for all to gather and share. Well rooted in community and sustained by expression, this years featured performers will be sure to provoke thought and inspire imagination, while engaging all of your senses. Diverse in their artistry, our fusion of vocalists, musicians, dancers and dissenters both on schedule and by surprise are sure to enchant from dawn till dusk.

After dark, ShantiMotions Collective welcomes all Omies to join in and become a part of the majick through our open concept and open arena. Be sure to bring your material to share!

Michael Moons Temple of Sound
Anwar Khurshid (

Andrea Thompson
zAyla weedz ( & christine shaw (Bancroft/Tofino/Whitehorse), Laurien Rowan (Ju Ju), PlumDragoness (Exracktx, Philadelphia),
EF#Sharp (Foood/word is mightier), Wakefield Brewster (bfunkee productions), enlight & jugular, the human beatbox (, Oaxerai (, Philadelphia), Aliza Zorlutuna, u.r. dna, Kevin Sutton (Prince of Omens), Slim

Fire Fabulon "War of the Worlds" (, Detroit)
The Funkdamental dancers & friends "Back in the day"
Marlee Cargill "Solo w/file cabinet"
Holly Treddenick & Michael J

Slim sing move play
Charlie (

Om circle every 12 hours starting midnight Friday
Open Arena After Dark
Drum Circle at Dusk

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SmokyDavySILVER Member
Do my poi look too small in this?
394 posts
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Just so everyone knows, we've changed our flag since we couldn't fit it into our budget for the other one.. Look for this banner to find poi people!

Non-Https Image Link

lindaSILVER Member
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Location: Toronto, Canada

yay!!!!! i can't wait for om. and fiery, your poi camp was so awesome last year, can't wait to see it this year. we're gonna have so much fiery fun!

MissAstrofunkloveBRONZE Member
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ok only 4 more sleeps untill OM!!

How's about a roll call just for fun!! I know there r more Ontario lurkers out there and perhaps some out of provance or even out of country people comming to OM this year. Lets hear from you so we can have a pre-OM hello! Pluse all you local regualrs you know who you r I'll put up who I know for sure but if I forgot someone, please fill it in!

OK ME FIRST.... well Davy's first he did start the post

Name: Comming From:

Davy Toronto
Bethany Toronto
Linda "
Lindsay "
Frank "
Liz "
Nancy "
Scott "
Kali "

See you soon like nobodieswatching.... oh no wait, I'm not watching! My eyes are shut *crash* hehe oops sorry did I bump into you? *blush*

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