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Posted:this is for the dutch firetwirlers

zijn er nog nederlanders die firetwirlen of ben ik helemaal de enige hier in dit kleine landje?
laat even wat van je horen en mischien kunnen we wel iets organiseren

Would be fun

groetjes Mike

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Posted:hey mike,

No, your not alone, not by a long shot. There is a group in utrecht on tuesdays and a group in A'dam on fridays. Where are you in holland?


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Posted:maybe...but then again..he is only using one sparkly poi instead of the usual 2.




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Posted:Thank you Chin...... that is verry ehh well noticed. You can do 2 poi's at the same time?!

and yes i made the website myself still working a lot on it to fix all minor mistakes.

and its realy doog to know that there are more people in holland that firetwirl i will definatly look you guys up some day

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Posted:Hi there,
It looks like something is about to happen in Holland. Fire people trying to find others and practising in groups???
As far as my research goes not much fiery was happening in the Low Lands.

I will attend the Rotterdam World Juggling Day. I am actually part of the organisation, but because of a gig I can't come earlier than 5 p.m!
I am not sure if there will be a fireshow (need to find that out), but I will bring my stuff and
maybe check some of you, out...

I am a regular visitor of jugglingdays/festivals and at the Dutch Juggling Convention last week I performed in the firenight and fireshow. I will upload my pics soon, but here's a gallery that shows some: Jugglemania njf2003 pics

If you wanna know more check out my introduction: Papa Leba's introduction

OK, read y'all later

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Posted:quote:As far as my research goes not much fiery was happening in the Low Lands.Speaking of Lowlands...

...will there be any twirlers at A Campingflight to Lowlands?

Am going with my flatmate and we'll be taking our poi - I get the impression they wouldn't appreciate firepoi there though

Does anyone know or is anyone else going?





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I'm not a new twirler, but I am new to this site.
Where do I find these fabulous fiery fiends in A'dam on Fridays?????
I'm dyyyyying to find some fellow spinners in this town.




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Posted:better check the 'I'm looking for some fellow dutch spinners' thread

This thread is LONG gong and forgotten (last post 2003!).

the juggle season is a bit off... 27th of september there will be an utrecht meeting and 20th of september somewhere hidden in The Achterhoek.

try that thread. always a good place to find people, phone numbers, places... (im from utrecht for instance and love to spin and willing to hop to amsterdam if meeting up with a few folks... I LOVE the NDSM-wharf for instance ^_^ )


happy juggling!

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