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Posted:howdy yall,
What we have been up to? Come see on July 3,4,5 and 10, 11, 12 at The Lido in Hawthorn, Melbourne.
" dark and twisted comedy, seductive dance, hiphop shenanigans, strangely romantic freaks and hardcore circus"
There'll be acrobats, fire breathers, razor blade eaters, mime, poi, staff, fire diabolo, dancers and percussion from all over the world, live DJs, VJs, pranksters, plus heaps more plus bar and a 3 course dinner. To book, ph. the Lido on (03) 9818 7567. Info: antonmack@yahoo.com.au

"Firebreathing? Well, magic is only part of it, my friend, diet does the rest..."

...Firebreathing? Magic is only part of it my friend, diet does the rest!

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Posted:yay for fire!

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Posted:Honstely there are tooo much fire show's in Brisbane and tooo many in Melbourne .

What about sydney ? .

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