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Posted:There is a park just near Waterloo station by the mcdonalds exit. A few people are planning to be there on Saturday (Weather permitting). I will be there from 2:00pm onwards. All are welcome.

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Posted:Waterloooo, la la laa laa laa laa oh woh woh woh woh Waterloo..How does it feel now you've won the war!

oops sorry wrong thread..

I'll see if I can make it up.. waterloo is quiet easy for me.. only one train to catch.. have a good weekend if i don't see you tho

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Posted:I'll be there

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Posted:I can't make it unfortunately, I've got to bleed my car's brakes again, and see if that helps it stop when I try the peddle.

Since I'm unlikely to be up early tomorrow morning, I don't see myself getting it done and getting to Waterloo, although I might give it a go and see what happens.

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Posted:MisStix - surely you'll be in Southampton on Saturday. Or did I misunderstand something?

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