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Posted:Hey. I know it sounds stupid
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But when I'm carrying my poi around in my bag they ALLWAYS get really tangled up, and it takes me like 15 mins to untangle them!
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! If anyone knows of an answer
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tell all! Peace out, Rob[This message has been edited by Robbie (edited 17 January 2001).][This message has been edited by Robbie (edited 17 January 2001).]

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Posted:hey!Maybe try leaving the handles out of the bag to start with - if they are wires coils them neatly and stick a freezer tie around one part - chains.......eat alot of fortune cookies!eggandham


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Posted:Put them into two smaller bags and then in the big one or wrap one in a piece of cloth before ou put it in the bottom of the bag and then put the other on top of it. Or if that is too much hassle, I agree with the twist tie method...this can be done with the cables (you only need one tie) or chains (you'll need two).Good luck untangling!
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Posted:Hold ends of tails and wrap them around your hand and secure with food bag tag, do the same with the cords.peace outgarbo
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