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Posted:Ive been reading a lot about the fire meetings and poi in the park type events but I haven't seen much about events in the US. I live near Philly so Id love to find something like this in or around the Philadelphia area. Can anyone give me any information?

Also, are any of YOU guys from the same area? Im pretty much alone when it comes to learning poi ATM so Id love to maybe have someone to talk or practice with.

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Posted:The closest I can think of to you is NY.

In the events section there is info about a poi in the park type event going on in NY this Sunday.It is really easy to get there if you take Metro North into the city and is well worth the ride.The last one was really good with peeps of all skill levels there to teach and learn.If you are interested you should send NYC a private message for more information.

Myself,NYC,Skunk and possibly Nyx will all be there.




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Posted:BTW Welcome to Home of Poi!!!


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Posted:You could try doing a search for folks in your area in the Meet Otters section.

Hope you find some people

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