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Posted:Glastonbury is on!!! They had the hearing last night and all went well!!!


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Posted:Yey.. here we go again...

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:well - whats the date??????


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Posted:dates are in here josh.

as normal, i'll be there from wednesday to monday (thats the 25th-30th june this year).

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Posted::note to self:
:ask rob about this one too :


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Posted:So cool!!! OK peeps. Just for you slow ones: Buy your ticket as soon as you can!!!!!

They'll probably go on sale 1st March, or just after. Sure, it's a lot of money: 100 quid, but well worth it. Last year everyone who decided to wait and 'think about it' before buying a ticket ended up being severely gutted at not going. I'm coming back from my travels for this, it's that good!!!

PK: Might Te Pooka be performing again this year. Hope so, and if so, be there!

So see you all there!


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