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This is deepest darkest Exmouth in Devon, UK. We have a beach, a park and my house - but NO poi / fire / light parties. And thats about as wrong as a man and a dog! Lets do something about it. We could even go international and move over to Exeter! Who knows a mobile DJ?

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yo, Im in Totness.

but i cant travel at the mo

exeter is easier...

tonight would be lovely for fire...



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theres a chick on the board here called tambo, sure she is up for any poi meets. i hear its lonely in exeter.

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i used to go to exeter uni, and am an amateur at poi, but i might be in exe on may bank holiday (live in york u c) and will have my fire poi with me. would love to learn new tricks (there are so many i cant do)

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I am tambo looking for a devon meet! I am in exeter but would defo be up for something...I am not very good at poi -- i am wanting some help!!!

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i'll be in Lyme Regis (on the coast, right on the Devon/Dorset border) for a month or 2 this summer.

Let me know if you organise anything around exeter, its not too far on the train.

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I'll be going down to devon over the easter weekend, going to Ilfracombe to see a friend don't know how close/far that is in relation to exmouth but maybe I could persuade the others to take a trip one night for a beach party and a bit of spinning.

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if the words beach and party are involved, then i'll be there for easter weekend, and the week before too

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