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Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Posted:Latin for 'musician', Organicus is a down to earth club with a grass roots attitude, the club/lounge area pumping tribal funk tunes for all and a percussion driven courtyard serving chai and foods catering to everyone.
Over 2003, Organicus will aim to bring contemporary music both electronic and acoustic, via a relaxed and positive vibe.
Starting Sunday 23rd February, 2pm till late, weekly.
Free entry for members. Guests and membership $5 at the door.
$2 pots and $4 basic spirits all day, food specials and pool tables.
Chai area with open drumming circle in the courtyard, and a terrific grassy fire twirling space - all welcome.

Orgaincus will be held at The Winery, Davies Park, Jane St, West End on the Brisbane River.

Organicus - bringing together musicians, djs, fire twirlers and West Ends grooviest venue

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Finally Brisvegas gets a night with fire AND music...woohoo! see you there sticks an' all!



Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Posted:Shall we wet your lips, envy you with spice, top your cup!!
The deal is this first night is....
free chai, bottomless cups of chai. All you can drink chai, chai til you drop. Geeez, what else would you want.
Well, easy, thumpin tunes, fullon percussion - drum yeeself to a pulp, twirl like well theres no end. Twirled peace - now thats somnething we all want, (bit of a contradiction tho), bugger it, go beserk. But remember our brother and sisters in pain, spinone for them.

luv and goobles


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still can't believe it's not butter
Location: Melbourne, Australia

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by gooble:
free chai, bottomless cups of chai. All you can drink chai, chai til you dropoh geez mate, now you've made me salivate madly!!!
what a beaut stup!!! fire n drums n chai!!! this is making me wanna trip up to the the sunny side more than ever!!

Laugh Often, Smile Much, Post lolcats Always


Posted:foosh! what a flake I am!
totally didn't make it down (was knackered after a gig) although I heard it was great!
Won't make it this week either - (down in Byron working) sorry!
will see you asap tho....


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Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australi...

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Posted:'twas a fairly quiet but lovely night... and the chai was delicious (.:*thanks Phil*:.)

we'll all have to spread the word a bit more and get a few twirlers/drummers to come along next time...

we can't make it this week either 'cause of a workshop... hmmm... and not the one after either... ummm... how bout the 16th for a bit of a HOP get together...*



Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Posted:Well what a turnout, we are definitely looking at something building here.
We moved everything outside and what a difference this made. Thanks to all who came and played.
Next week, we will be moving upstairs to the deck. Don't worry, this is a big deck, plenty o room for all to play. If you don't know, the deck is perched up in the canopy of a huge heritage fig tree overlooking the river. lush!!
all welcome, please come and hang out to the chilled vibes on offer. what better way to spend your sunday arvo in Brissy!!
oh, did I mention beer!
ok then, what about chai.



Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Posted:Looking for some "down to earth" 'n funky fun to unwind with on a Sunday afternoon...? ...

Every Sunday Souths R.L.F.C, Micksdupmusic promotions & Nutcase productions presents...


Latin for Musician, Organicus is a down to earth club with a grass roots vibe.
Organicus is aimed at providing a great place to meet friends, kick back, relax and cruise thru Sunday afternoon,
whilst also enjoying a spectacular enterage of musicians and performers to inspire and entertain you.
-delectable rythms supplied, tried, and fried by ....

DJM (Sundex, Ravebreak, Mantra)
The Boogieman (Sundex, Ravebreak, Wonderland, Gooble.)

with guests starting at 2pm,
Cooking up a storm on the deck, with a freshly chilled serving of tasty Jungle Rythms and tribal treats, as well as an extra helping of Funk ala Breaks, Drum n' Bass , a Fresh Garden Picked assortment of rare goove to soothe that retro itch , funky tech-chill n' lots of other tasty little morsells to wrap your aural tastebuds around every week.

Weekly from 2pm - 10pm -?> @ "The Winery" (Souths R.L.F.C - Davies Park, West End)

Get your hands dirty and get Planted in:
* $2 pots $4 spirits and $5 cocktails all day!
* Awesome Food & Munchies with weekly specials, and a Sizzling Sunday BBQ out on the deck with yummy stuff to eat (Vege friendly food too!).
* Delicious & spicy chai tea
* Pool tables, lounges & weekly pool comp.
* Drumming, Fire-twirling Juggling and fancy fun stuff !!!....

All this for the once off membership fee of ONLY $ 5.oo

come get ORGANIC with us ... we know you'll dig it!!

For members, Guests and Bonafide Visitors
Davies Park, Jane street West End on the river
Phone: 32553877

Sponsored by: Light sounds , Gooble Warming & MicksDupMusic



Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Posted:hmmm...this is goin to sound a bit 'precious' but I thought I'd ask..

Does the food include gluten-free and wheat free foods? Think you guys know that that stuff makes me sick! (icky sick)

I'm used to eating before I go anywhere..or taking my own munchies so no bother if not..I still wanna come!!

Just thought I'd ask.. it can get annoying sometime that when ppl say they cater for 'special' diets... they actually just cater for vegetarians..and occasionally vegans.. which has nothing to do with gluten as you would know..

Still remember that lush dinner I had at your gooblegood place *drools*...

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.- B.B.King



Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Total posts: 71
Posted:lotsa salad choices, the chef is typically serving a greek style menu. Although the cheap bbq thing is steak, chops, sausages, rissoles and chicken - all meat, mmmmm plus salad. but the menu would provide enough choice, i spose as long as you informed them. I am not exactly sure what foods you cannot eat except the obvious ones. Is cheese excluded?

Yeah, do come along. Its been slowly building, just nice to have a comfy place to chill on a Sunday afternoon with cool people. Love to see ya there

Word out that we need more drummers next week, the drumming circle is happening.
Love to see you all there.


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