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Posted:Woo! This friday im going to be going to see Sandra Collins at a club up here in Maine. If anyone is in the area and wants to check it out... its a club called Ushuaias. Well, I was there last Friday, and Sandra couldnt make it. But a man by the name of DJ Griff rocked the mutha fuckin house. Anyway, I saw a number of people who were doing poi. Some were doing very well, some... sucked hardcore. I was ill prepaired for the night, seeing as someone who worked at the club (and with me at a small movie theatre) convinced me to go, I had minimal money (got my ticket and a bottle of water) so I had no glowsticks or any of my poi sets. But im hoping this friday will be MUCH more eventful!

Wootie wootie woo!

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Posted:have fun dude, we will party in unison with you here in sheffield friday night.


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Posted:Pssst - This should be in the Events and Gatherings section...

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Posted:Someone say Techno????
Ahh nuts, tis to far away...

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Posted:Bouncy bouncy bouncy

and the rock says - do you like poi?

bouncy bouncy bouncy

how do you make a dead baby float?

1 glass of lemonade, 2 scoops ice cream, 1 scoop dead baby mwa mwa mwa

bouncy bouncy bouncy



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Posted:hehe, nice I'm looking forwards to a nice lil' party this friday as well, I think there may be some techno as well. I don't actually remember what each dj spins, but the lineup has some variety.

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