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Posted:hello fire dancers! some girl named beth and a friend, stopped by my bar during the summer and we were introduced to the art of fire dancing, I don't know where to contact her or anyone else interested in dancing during the summer on our lovely island!! if you are my address is

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Posted:Man that would be good! but unfortunatly i cant I'd expect this thread to get heaps of replies because its like a fire spinners dream to travel and spin!!! good luck!

It's all good


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Posted:HELL YESSSS!!!!!
I'd like to consider myself a 'fire dancer' and would love to come to a wonderful island and do just that!!!
how when where who what why etc...
i'm from aust. and sadly so too is my fire gear, less someone can play shares....



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Posted:Please post any pertinent info you would like us to know in the Introductions thread. Another great way to meet people is to go the Meet Others directory (available if you click the word Community). Also try to check the Event, Performances and Gatherings topic area on this board.
Thank you and welcome!


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