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Location: Toronto, Canada
Member Since: 13th May 2002
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Posted:Every night from 5pm until about 10pm (unless it's raining), a group of local and foreign spinners and jugglers meet in a park, next to the Phra Sumen Fort and play. The fort is on the main river, near Ko San Rd. The group is led by a sage named Oud. He does regular and contact juggling, diablo, devil stick, poi and staff. They aren't allowed to do fire in the park, except on special occassions. Oud usually brings a variety of toys including juggling clubs, poi, staff, etc. He and his friends taught me a lot. Everyone is welcome


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Posted:wishing i was there.


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are you in Bangkok now, or Toronto, or where?

does master Oud or someone in the group have e-mail?

& Happy New Year!

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

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Laguna, California, US

Location: crapy planet thanet
Member Since: 29th May 2002
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Posted:Sounds good. My friend lives near Bangkok and im hoping to go and stay with him soon. An email address would be really handy as it wont be for a few months.

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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member Since: 17th Jan 2002
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Posted:I'm pretty sure that Linda is somewhere else in Asia by now. Talk about flutterbye!!

Miss you Linda!!


Member Since: 25th Feb 2002
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Posted:Hey there y'all...Oud's email is (ready for it???)
jugglingworkshop@hotmail.com he is a great guy and very involved in the whole Thai juggling scene. He also makes the best poi sold on Khao San Road (all that others are imitations of his) so if you're in Bangkok looking for poi, go find him and buy his!
The park is really nice, right on a lovely stretch of the river and about 10 minutes walk form Khoa San Road. Enjoy!

Location: Toronto, Canada
Member Since: 13th May 2002
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Posted:MIKIE, I'm back in Toronto, boy is it friggin' cold. Spent 3 weeks in Thailand, 2 weeks in Laos, 2 weeks in Cambodia and 3 days in Hong Kong. Feb. 3rd, I'm off to my winter home in Guatemala.

TATTY, I definitely recommend hitting the park in Bangkok. Not only are there jugglers and spinners, but there's also hundreds of people doing aerobics, some break dancers, cheerleaders, etc. The Thai really use their parks well.

NOXIOUS, Thank you so much, for passing on Oud's e-mail. What an awesome guy and what a fun group! i didn't think I'd really like Bangkok, but because of them I loved it. Also, loved Ton Sai, a rock climbing beach near Riley, there was a British guy named Bob there who taught me the backward weave (using clubs and alot of patience), that was a move I've been trying to get for over a year! When were you in Bangkok?


Woodford is Goodford..!
Location: Sydney at heart.
Member Since: 6th Jun 2007
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Posted:Does this meet still happen?



Location: bangkok,london and somerset
Member Since: 27th Mar 2005
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Posted:I Believe it does still happen


I love thinking in circles


Location: bangkok,london and somerset
Member Since: 27th Mar 2005
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Posted:Bangkok jugglers and spinners:


I love thinking in circles

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