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Posted:Hi Folks,

Was just looking to see who would be around on new years eve in the brizzle area

Hopefully me, Woody and Chloe will be doing a poi gig in bristol and then moving on to a free party in the bristol area. I think there is another near the SS Great Britain (maybe the last year) and last years was really good.

Anyways whatever you are up to then have a fantastic night and lots of spinning.

Mark P

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Posted:heh 2 all the peeps in and around Bristol
That's where i used 2 come from but now sunning it in india - just completed some show's in Bombay and back there 4 New Years - another world - and not in the way u think - never been in a swankier club on Xmas eve!!! and did a full on Bollywood gig on the 20th with dancers and massive screens either side!! - surrealism gone mad!!!
well love 2 all that i know and 2 those i dont yet know!! - have fun and frollix

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Posted:Easy mark, hows things?

Where u gonna be doing poi in bristol? I'm probably gonna be at the black swan for tribe of frog, then going on to the free party. Sure I'll see u some point in the night.

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