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  Posted: Next year (til April)new sci-fi horror film with Dracula theme will be filmed(-ing?) in our country. Debra Brown,choreographer from Circus de Soleil made a competition to find fire
performers. The best czech performers come and she choosed some. In the film will be fire breathers(a lot),fire clubs passing and because she very appeal Poi,fire Poi TOO !!!! I may be in film too,but I dont knew it now,becase she got two variants of occupancy and Im only in one...the sheff of Juggling shop(only on in whlle our country) wrote the two variations and I hate him,because he knew that Im the best of Poi he ever met(it isnt boast),but he wrote into to variations big newbbies.I knew them all. Debra B. is one of the best performing choreographer and she teach them very vell and the film will be really good.

Later Ill write detals..


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  Posted:Congratulations, Richee! I hope you get in.

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  Posted:good luck bro


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