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Posted:Are there any fire gatherings, get togethers etc in Brisbane this thursday, friday or saturday evenings.... up that way for a conference, and thought if there was............

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Posted:Saturday or is it sunday try west end park ! for a lark in the park? (groan!) I Think not sure never been there but yeah.

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Posted:I thought the West End thingy was on on Tuesday eves... at least.. I'm fairly certain they were when I was living in West End last year... hmmm...

Any one else any idea?

There's *always* good places to spin... (thinking of the look outs up the road) ahhhh.

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Posted:Hi Ade...*

There's nothing big twirling-wise organised this weekend as far as I know... quite a few of us are going up north for the Brisdjembe Drum/dance retreat (like a mini festival), so unfortunately we won't be around much...

We're coming back to perform at the Stone's Corner festival on Sunday at about 7pm - the festival runs all day and there is some great music on if you are interested in that (Stone's Corner is about 10-15min south of the city I think... help me southsiders)

It's also *reallly* hot up here at the moment - feel free to bring a bit of cooler weather with you when you come


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Posted:Hey Ade..
There is a twirling get together on Friday night at wellington point just a group of twirlers that "funk it up" for the night...
On sunday there is a big gig at burleigh heads...if ya wanna catch up for a twirl please PM me and we can hang out....

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