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Posted:Hi, I hope I'm in the right forum.
I've just arrived in Bristol and I'd like to know the names of the shops which sell poi in Bristol. If anyone can help, thank you.

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Posted:right i think i might have just the info ur after.
'fire fly' are based in bristol, they are the factory suppliers of kevlar wick to most of europe! and they also make and sell bits of kit for all of us guys 2 chuck around!!
this is the number of the dude u need 2 speeak 2
unfortunatley i dont know his name but he works 4 them - 01179257562
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Posted:e-mail robudda (Rob bloor). You'll find him in

meet others

He is based in bristol (not sure where he is at the moment).

Last time I saw him he was selling poi.

Give him a shout.



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Posted:theres a shop now by the roumdabout at the opposite end of anchor road to bristol,just continue goin round to the right and you will see it, its called atmosphere i think but its quite expensive and the guy didbt know much about poi or staff when i was there, just liked the stuff.

hopey helpy xxx

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Posted:For tails, flags and juggling stuff try the kite shop on whiteladies road opposite clifton down shopping centre.




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Posted:I take you guys have realised that this thread is 4 years old now . . . but I guess it is a useful update for anyone searching . . .


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