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Posted:I have had an enquiry for a performer
quote:We're looking for a 45 minute performance - 2times a day - between 8 to 12 pm - over 3 days in Bahrain (MiddleEast) as part of a month long festivan in November. Performance indoor for a mall. If you could sent us your quote/availibility etc.
bindu Some discussion has been had on the security side of working in MiddleEast. Be careful.

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Posted:think they include the Concord tix/ fare or camel + truck + ship + maybe airplane arrangements, Malcolm? (serious question, actually, despite the * grin * about it), or it's likely an offer to employ once you're there & also have arranged visas for working in that nation, etc?

any history to go by, besides inquiring back to the offerer?

& if someone else inquires, please let us know?

molten cheers,

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