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Posted:hey guys! first of all i must apologize about my last post directed at arsn. i wasn't a very happy chappy at the time.. so sorry to all!

Confest 2002-2003. they haven't yet decided on a location or cost, but is anyone definatelly going from melbourne? if so could i possibly get a lift with someone up there? would be much appreciated.

i am quite religious.. there is only one god, and that god.. is ME! :)

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Posted:Yes they have, and they have brought land.

See Next Confest for details.

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Posted:I get incredubly excited at the mention of confest - careful how many times you say it around me! Possibly i talk more about confest all year than i do firetwirling and fart jokes, combined!

The *best* firetwirling this part of Australia has to offer, twice a year!

Consider the rest of the year to be a crap holiday away from Confest. Seeyas at New years!

Paradic, you are not the only one to feel that way about troy, if you have been kept in the dark as much as i have, I can share with you what has been told to me, but not in a public forum.
you have my email!

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