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(this is urgent you know...)

...This weekend.. Sat 7th & Sun 8th Sept...


The Multi-cultural Youth celebration in conjunction with the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Coulncil is taking place in Clifton Park (easy to get to by bus from Sheffield).

The Aim of the show is to break down social and cultural berriers, especially in young people, by bringing music, dancing and various arts together. I was fortunate enough to meet the organiser of this huge event and he has specifically invitied me and ANY of the poi-spinning crowd to take part in the show. We have had a place designated to us (next to a sound stage).. just for us!!

The organisers wish is that whoever takes part will simply come along for a spin, as at any other time; chilled and happy as usual and to take a little time now and again to explain to those who ask.. 'what its all about'. Maybe even get onlookers to take part.. but again, only if they ask. The aim there would be to give the masses a little insight into the history, personal benefits etc etc of the spinning.

Travel expenses will be paid within reason (not that many of us drive 8mpg gas guzzlers, but ya know what I mean

Anyone interested.. please call or text me asap so I can give my man an idea of numbers. Tha Katophone number is 07930 - 531 769

There may even be spare car seats going.. so speaketh now or forever hold your (poi) balls.

To all the guys and gals of Sheffield Poi land.. this is a PERFECT opportunity to spread the 'message', if you like. It was the chilled nature of our gathering at the last Poi-in-the-Park that organiser of this event spotted. He wants us to spread that feeling by doing what we all love best (in that context), nothing more.

Again.. please dont hesitate to call or text on 07930 531 769 for details.

-+Kato+- xXxXxXxXx


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Posted:I can do sunday... if its not too early!! will call you kato x