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Posted:looking for anyone wanting to get together in houston tx or surrounding areas- i have a great outdoor place to practice and i'm willing to drive to see yours...whatever works...if you are musically inclined, let me know, and maybe we can jam as well! (i play guitar, bass, and i'm learning the dejimbe)...i'm also kinda' playing with the idea of putting something together for the ren fair-as it's not for the actaul fair, but the campsite afterhours---but who knows where it will go---(it's only 5 weeks away..i'm sooooo excited, lol)
also- if you don't have a ride to get here, i'll provide one, and have you home by

contact me at
or my cell phone 713-480-2653
ask for me...Lisa

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vaperloc...the mighty

vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:Me again i live in fort worth and also play the bass (but dun have one)e-mail me

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Posted:hi this is morticai with dragontrybe fire performers just wondering if you are attending cma's samhein.
please respond to



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