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Posted:hey people... not been around for a while, swamped at work...
anyone around bristol this weekend?.. there is a big lowrider event, just wondering if anyone fancies meeting there?...
going down in the car from leicester, but dont have any spaces left.. ..basically a free lowrider-car and push-bike event, with mix-contests, break-comps, graff walls, skate/bmx park, and a free old skool hip-hop club event in the evening, plus of course a few cruises (not 'mc donalds car-park, boyracer' cruises,... low and slow) and a mexican grill

anyway, going to be there, and probably taking my toys for a play... if interested, check out the site

hopefully see some of you there

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Posted:Hey catboy!

Just thought I'd drop you a line as I only know a couple of fellow poi-ers in leicester! How ya doin'? Bristol sounds cool, but looks like I've missed the boat this time, oh well. Just checked ya homepage too... hee hee hee, it's a small world. So do you know Pete Wilson and Apoc and all that lot? Do you ever go down to castle rock?

Anywayz, if you know of any poi events happening in Leicester (people are currently working on it, I'm assured) or you want to meet up for a praccie some time give me a yell

Peace n fairy~dust

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