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Posted:Hey for everybody who misses Exit on Fridays,come to club WorldIts located on Broadway and 43stSpecial DJ is Scott Project, streight from Germany.18+ classy attireDoors open at 11pmUse ZBT guest list in order to recieve $10 off admission

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Posted:Classy attire as in,, tight black shirt over a pair of neatly pressed khakis? I'm not one to get all snazzy usually soooo, tell me what is required.

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Posted:That Party was a bust :-( World was a Flop However There are a lot more parties going on, Roxy Fridays is going to be hot, its 18+ also Blis in Queens NYC is a hotspot I have lists at Limelight, Sound Factory, World, Saci, Blis, Roxy, NV and a couple of other places all are the same name "DIESELS LIST" if you want more info on ANY nyc party Email me @ love to hear from you all. BTW all my lists get reduced admission plus VIP Access.


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Posted:please place all future posts of this nature in Events Performances and Gatherings forummerci beaucoup!
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