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Posted:As the Event co-ordinator for a large Victorian festival, I have the opportunity to put on a large fire dancing/twirling/breathing display. I have a fairly generous budget (about $3000) and want a quality performance that will replace a minor fireworks display and delight up to 5000 people. The day is sponsored by "coliban water" and would ideally incorporate a water theme. I would also like to incorporate the sponsors logo, and am interested in following up any idea's regarding UV/black light.

If you think you are interested/capable or have contacts locally (victoria) who may be, please feel free to email me at outlining your concept for the show. I am currently working with a group who will submit there own proposal, however all tenders/expressions of interest are welcome.

If you are not able to untake such a large venture or the travel, but have seen a great show or have great idea, then I'd love to here it.

Thanks for your time

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Elke here, you called me a little while ago about this.... But being from brizzy, a fair teck.... I was going to send you promo matirial ect. but realized that we are already booked for the National Folk Fest in Canberra for Easter, and involved in co-ordinating and choreographing a similar fire show in our local community prier to that as well, so chockers of work round that time & wouldn't be able to make it anyway.

There are however great fire performers in the Melbourne area here on this board, try the *meet others* section for contacts.

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Posted:A generous offer and a great opportunity for someone's troupe. I will pass this offer around like so much cold sores. You do realise tho that many fwirlers enjoy a good folk festival. Pyrotechnique, Firedanceworks and Naked Flame perform professionally, please contact me if ya want their contax. make it soon cus everyone and their dog are busy with fire at Easter! good luck!

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