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Posted:Has Anyone seen the video/DVD? they're touring!!
several dozen warrior monks and in a stage play that is finished off by Shaolin routines that include showcases of the sword, double sword vs staff, staff, sword vs trisection, sword with 9 section whip, double 9 section whip, trisection, and some really jaw dropping strength displays (spearing, finger stands) battle reenactments.
performed in melbourne @ her majesty's theatre from This Friday July 26th to August 11th. ima going sunday with a group of non-psychos(damn!)
i expect to walk out like i did when i saw karate kid as a youngster(spin kicking my friends on the way out)
actually come to think of it, security cracked it at us when me and my squeeze shared a coupla body-kicks just after watching blade
monkey see monkey do:)
tour details here

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Posted:yeah I know, they are in NZ at the moment...

Hee hee hee (and that means they aren't in Australia at the moment...

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Posted:ooo.. ooo ooo! me is keen!!! keen as mustard you might say, but then i'd have to shoot you, and quite frankly, i don't have a gun.

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i was riding through melbourne on a midget giraffe, things were peachy.


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Posted:saw them last month at Derngate, northampton. it is the same routine as the video but its LIVE they are incredible. watch out for the blade ended poi. and the two lads either side of the stage doing the splits.