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Posted:O.k, So there seem to be more people from around the world congregating in these rooms than there would normally be, than those from Sydney, Australia alone... But one question for all peoples, even those of interstate, When would be the next Sydney Event, or gathering, or medium event of some sort, that we hear so commonly about such as the moon dances etc??

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There are a couple of regular Sydney gatherings...

1. Wednesday nights at Camperdown Memorial Park in Newtown

2. Thursday nights at the park at the end of Glebe Point Road - Blackwattle Bay, Glebe.

Your best bet would be to head to Glebe as the Newtown gathering is happening fairly sporadically at the moment. The Glebe crew get together from 8pm EVERY Thursday. If the weather's no good they usually head to the pub for a few drinks.

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P.S. Just noticed you're from Fairlight! I'm from Newport. If you want to get together for a twirl on the Northern Beaches sometime, e-mail or personal message me.

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