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Posted:Does anyone have any information on how I could find accomplished firetwirlers willing to perform at an event in France (South Burgundy) next August? Any names will be helpful as well as any information on fee ranges and different styles etc - am ignormant but very admiring - speak FrenchThanks in advance -Jacqui Bootes(currently in Sydney)email-

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Posted:Hi Jacqui,There are not sooooo many firedancers in France YET, but I am working on it
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Seriously, if you wish to discuss all that, you can contact me (I am French, from Paris)Shine oncassandra

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Posted:Hi Jacqui,What kind of event are you talking about? A music festival? Circus? Please tell us more.I am French myself and expatriated in Boston. I will probably be in France at some point next summer and could possibly coordinate with your event.Please email me more details at joseph@paris.comNomad



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Posted:Hi jacqui,it depends a lot of what you're searching,I'm able to perform too no problem but the best professionals I've ever seen in france are arthur & astride from le fourneau in Brest. my mail:



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Posted:I tried to mail you and it didn't work. I live in England but love France and everything about it. I would love to come and perform if it is possible for you to help with cost of travel/accomodation. I am also sure that some other people I know would be interested (check them out on and check me out on COL2)PhoenixxxxxPlease e-mail me on


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