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Posted:Heyla,I'm new to this forum, so I figured an introduction was a good place to start.I am Ashia BlackHawk. I belong to a group called the HFS, more specifically the San Antonio Texas chapter. Several other HFSers have started doing Poi, and as a result my mom and I have gotten into it. Any suggestions for begginers?Flames and Pyre,Burn Ever Higher.Ashia BlackHawk


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Posted:Hello!I'm also a relative newbie here..all I can suggest is to do it all the time, because it's so fun, and it will only increase your skill level, which makes it even more fun!

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Posted:Hello,I wouldn't call myself a newbie but I am fairly new.anyway welcome to the world of Poi. All I can say is keep practising, you can never get tired of it.good luck.F_S

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Posted:Welcome, I am a super newbie too.I am going to the park everynight for an hour or two and practicing with my friend. Unfortunately she gets tired after 5 minutes and ends up sitting and watching me! haha.. practice, and trade tricks with people when you find them. I also bring them to every rave or festival I can, there are always loads of spinners there with different skill levels.------------------DTKB :}


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Posted:I've found this site to have good instructional information. Also just watch other spinners. I've found most to be quite friendly and helpfull (they probably like to watch people spin as much as I do).All it takes is practice and hard work.

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Posted:Welcome to the board
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Practice, practice, practiceshare , share , sharedance, dance, dance oh, and SMILE, I always tend to put this serious concentrated face
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shine oncassandra

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Posted:welcome to all...its awesome to see so many new people. We have many members here that are jammed packed full of helpful tips and tricks to get you on your way.The moves forum always has some new sick movepost going. And everyone here is great. (with the exception of Pele, shes a tease
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im always more than willing to help. drop me an email, and i will help as much as i can."S"------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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Posted:The more the merrier!It gives a wonderful chance to create new ideas, too.
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I'm a newb too, waiting for a chance away from the chains of schoolwork, so I can get OUT to dance dance!![This message has been edited by MystikDancer (edited 05 September 2001).]


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Posted:I'm newbie here and to Poi. I started about a month ago, but i use meteors instead of two separate strings. Never knew so many people were new here.------------------I'm a FF fan. So what?Live by honor. Kill by stealth. Only the unseen survive.~peace~

Live by honor. Kill by stealth. Only the unseen survive.~peace~

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