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The Intermediate Poi course starts on Sun 23 June and will be held every Sun at 5-7pm in London Bridge. price 45 (concs available). There are 14 places in total available on the course. The first lesson will start early, at 3:45pm. This is to enable poisters who did not go to the beginners course to catch up anything they may need to.

Your teacher will be me, Michal Kahn. I have been teaching poi for several years both to members of the public and to students at The Circus Space and Circomedia. I also run choreography courses for professional circus performers, and organise circus showcase cabarets. I have worked as a performer for several years performing mostly at festivals, film premiers and corporate events. I have also been commissioned by Butterfingers to write the first instruction book on poi swinging which will be in the shops this summer.

The intermediate course focuses on how to invent new tricks and develop your own style, helping you make poi your own. The course will also look at new tricks such as waist wraps, stops, push thrus and behind the back weave. Towards the end of the course there will be two or three guest performers who have very different styles who will perform, talk, teach and inspire you.

To reserve a place call me on 07905949441 / 02083469153.

Well, I look forward to hearing from you.
See you soon!

Michal Kahn


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I know the time and effort that went into planning these courses, they have so much more than just moves, also include styles character choreography and a lot of groovy stuff.

Superbigmassive Glass recommendation on this one.
and the're still underpriced at 3:50 per hour. Go for it.

Shes got great socks, a bit like DarkFairyQueen's, but on her hands (You'll see)
And she's a laugh too.
be cool
oikie Poikie

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I second the motion that these courses are well worth it.

I'd also like to comment on glass' new signature by shouting: Monkey Custard!

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I'd even go as far as saying
Helmut monkey custard

Lord I think I'm going to have to explaing this whole oikie poikie monkey custard thing. before people think that we london poier have muchily lost it.

You see, michal (Mik-hal) also organises amazing cabaret shows, for jugglers, ther was one on monday, which her last poi course did a routine at, and also Axis did his Legendary super good poi glowsick routine !!! (If you ever get a chance to see this guy perform, don't miss it)

Anyway back to the plot. so its being compared by Les Vagas and Dan Fransisco (One of whome looks like matt who Durbs once saw doing contact, and went and took up contact straight away and got really good really quickly, and the other one who has a passing resemblance to matt who is michals housemate).
Still with it
So they're all trying to think of a name for the cabaret, and the first suggestion was Monkey custard.

Rapidly followed by Helmet monkey custard.
Not to be confused with the german Helmut Monkey Custard.
Anyway its like a call and response. If someone happens to say "Oikie Poikie",
Dom has above demonstrated the correct response.

You wait, everyone will be doing it soon, it'll be massive.

Well Glad to have cleared that up then.

Sorry michal, seem to have rambled all overy your thread in a rambling elephant kind of way...


Just One last thing...
Oikie Poikie.....

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