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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Main Room

Ali Transelastica Italie, Costa Rica / Nuclear ramjet (live) Montreal, Ascend Record / Zen Ottawa, Transelastica, Dygitalis / Erik Montreal, Aka Rickam Tech Safari / Yann aka dew Montreal, Magnesium prod / Seb Montreal, Mandala Sound & Vision / Tribal Drummer Montreal, Mandala / tao-nhan Montreal, Morphee prod / Mana-7 Montreal, Neurochill / Ten-Zin Mtl, Union prod / tektonik veda (live) Trois Rivieres, Ypnagojik Studio / Shampa Trois Rivieres, Omniscience prod / Delirious Trois Rivieres, Omniscience prod / Mimi Montreal, Side Effects Records, Zerodb prod / Fylgia Montreal, Music For Dragons / lugubrious (live) Quebec, Psychotic / Dolby X (live) Quebec, Intergalactique prod / Spasm Montreal, Neurophonic prod / osg Montreal, Osmose / Lysergique Trois Rivieres, Nano Bio Rythme / absolute Montreal, Chemistry / psynesh Quebec, Psychedelic Kingdom / Shango Quebec, Psychedelic Kingdom / x frog Montreal, Neurophonic / kasper Trois Rivieres, Shakra / Narayana Quebec, Dygitalis / timewave Quebec, Freak Patrol / Isocele Inverness, Dansons avec Shiva

Chill Room

xipe totek (live) Quebec / Orcana (live) Montreal, Neurophonic / Mark psykick Ottawa, 7 th Harmonic / Koda Ottawa, 7 th Harmonic / Alison Wonderland Ottawa, 7 th Harmonic / zen Ottawa, Transelastica, Dygitalis / mantas M Montreal, / leonardo Montreal, Nortern Light 7 / lucie Quebec, Evolution Hitek / chromatik Montreal, Polygonz Design / Elmirod Montreal, Esoteric prod / azriel et ganesh Quebec, Psychedelic Kingdom / ironman Montreal, Neurophonic / krapok Quebec, Psychedelic Kingdom / Spannungsbogen Quebec, Affected Mind / Shango Quebec, Psychedelic Kingdom / Spyroid Montreal, Tech Safari / asaph Montreal, Lost Island / pymo neptula Quebec, Freak Patrol / Isocele Inverness, Dansons avec Shiva

Virus Victoriaville virus cd.

salle 3 100% SURPRISE

nb: tout ces dj sont bnvoles merci

billets / ticket

10$ pour les trois jours / for the 3 days

30$ porte ( si disponible / if avariable )


Psychotic Arts


7th Harmonic







Bus trip

Montral Akouphen Sono

Qubec Psychotic

Ottawa 7th Harmonic

Trois rivires Omniscience

Pour venir faire un kiosque, donner vos commentaires ou aider a monter le party / To come make a stand, give your comments or help build the party


you can get your tickets for only 10$ for all three days either from me by emailing me at
or by going to Metropolis Records at Queen and Spadina

This party is for all you hard-core or even not-so-hardcore goa fans! (and poi-ers in the outdoors!!!)

see you there and bring your poi!!!

[ 16 June 2002, 04:57: Message edited by: opia ]

peace&cheers,ra :)

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