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  Posted: Hey everybody,

Is anyone going to Glastonbury this year 2002? I'm going and was hoping to meet up with a Poi expert, who could show me some new moves. I've only just started playing with my Poi (3 weeks ago), and can do some basic moves (the butterfly etc), and i'm starting to get a bit frustrated and in need of a little help; and though that Glastonbury would be the place to find some fellow twirlers.

If anyone is going, give me an e-mail and maybe we could meet up and play some Poi.

Azie xx

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  Posted:Hi Azie, there are a couple of threads on this topic already, so you'll see that lots and lots of people are heading to Glasto.

You might find it helpful to try out the search facility so you can get background information on topics before posting.... often, you'll find your question has already been answered!


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