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back from the dead...sort of
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Posted:Alright, a number of us have met in Toronto a couple of times now in Christie Pits park, and are going to be meeting on a semi-regular basis. Eariler tonight we thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for GTA spinners, where we can post meeting locations and times, and others can post to say if they'll be available, etc.

and...well, this is it. Enjoy, all.

PS. When did we decide we'd be getting together next? I wasn't paying too much attention I'm afraid...

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chrystel starr
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miss astrofunkyyyy when will you be home you ask?
hmmmmm.... how would sunday be for you?

I will be flyin into toronto on sunday Aug 17th and heading to cherry beach that afternoon.... anyone have any fire toys I can borrow mine didnt make it accross by plane.....

um ozcar and dawn , you arent leavin before I catch up with you guys are you...

is everyone else who is lovely and shinning aroun on the weekend????

And if there is a group expidition to mexico I would be extremely crushed if you didnt extend it to come visit my place in Ecuador

see you sooonnner than later

love, hugs twirls and flames


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Posted:Thought it might be time to resurrect this.

We are still meeting in Trinity Park in the pit on Tuesday nights, however it the weather is miserable, there is a free tuesday night jam every week in the Foyer of the Galbraith Building (the third building North of College & St. George). Usually starting at 8:30pm.



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Posted:so is poi dead in toronto now? where are you guys? or do i just not understand how to find recent posts?


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Posted:Hey guys
New to poi but have been doing staff stuff for a while now. Was wondering if any of you are still in toronto or doing meetups or anything. I'd love to meet some other spinners and exchange ideas and learn new tricks. If there is a more up to date toronto post please let me know


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