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on the weekend of the 11th i think it is me and a few friends r planning on going to the heath for a spin.

if any 1 fancys joining us there is a section on our webby that will b updated with a map and name of a pub.

will b meeting in the pub b4 hand for a drink then off to the park to spin.

we r probs gonna make this a once a month meet and would like to c as many ppl turn up as poss, if u r interested in coming keep an eye on www.silverwidows.com/sweg Poi section. we r not sure yet if it will b on the sat or sunday due to weather but as soon as we have an idea it will b on our webby

also if u sign up to our webby we should b able to send an email to all members about each Poi meet and clubbing night we do


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stay smilin

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I'll be up for the next one, got some gigs in Brighton round the 11th.
Be sweet to meet y'all!

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