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Posted:Ok, so maybe I am being a little pr-emptive, maybe I'm just an over excitable sort of gal, But I just had to ask (and huge apologies to thoses of you who can't go)....Who's going to be taking their fire to Glasto???Ok so I live a sheltered life on a small island........For me it's a small big thing (as compared to a big big thing) as I first saw/started learning fire at Glasto a few years back, and this year will be my first time back there, and it's grown and I'm expecting to see loads of great people doing some fantabulous spinning, and was hoping that some people from here will be there. (though really I'm sure there is no doubt about that
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Posted:Over excitable is a good thing.There's a couple of Glasters threads about. Do a search thingy and you'll find them. There looks like quite a few people are going along, so nearer the time we shall have to arrange a meet up!Me, I'm really looking forward to it! Should be a great, great time!See you there!


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Posted:Tempest emailed me a while back about going. Not heard from him since though.....

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