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Posted:Just to clear some things up:I'm NOT a pedophile, but I wanna keep the pedophiles away..I'm just paranoid.But anyway! My point is, if there are any young/fun people who wanna twirl(poi, staff, double staff etc. with or with out--preferably with--fire) who live in NYC, gimme a holler! >>that means E-mailKathryn (>>>I only know fire staff and fire poi and a microscopic amount of doubles and even LESS of meteor, but I catch on fast, and I'm willing to learn any twirling related stuff--not to mention willing to teach a few things if need be

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Posted:welcome to the board!The best way to meet people here is using the "Meet Others" function at the top of he screen, or here:- I think you might be being a smite over paranoid about Paedophiles... P.P.S. If you were a paedophile - you're not very likeley to come here and say you are one are you... It might give the game away
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