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Location: New York

Total posts: 10
Posted:Has there been any gatherings or will there BE any gatherings in NYC where fire twiling will commence? I started twirling (non-fire) about 3 months ago and it's awesome...I hope to be twirling fire by the spring so when Burning Man 2002 comes along i'm ready willing and twirling fire! I would love to meet some NYC twirlers...please email me at hussie100@hotmail.com...later
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Location: new jersey, usa

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Posted:Hey if you hear about any events or anything going on in NYC please post it here, I take the train to NYC sometimes, and I'd love to go to an event
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I wouldn't say I twirl...I just try ;P



Location: New York

Total posts: 6
Posted:I would love to get a gathering together in NYC....I would be happy to help out in the organization if someone else wants to get involved....let me know LobsterChi@a2mproductions.com


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