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Posted: Just want to say a BIG HUGE MASSIVE thankyou to all the spinners at Zogg on Friday !! It was cool meeting some of you guys in the flesh... Mr.Tempest (nice work with the sticks..), Thistle (thanx for the go on your firechains..), Orange (I thought you knew I smoked..??..and mega spinning by the way) and Mr.Cantus.. your Poi is coming on very nicely indeed !!Will I see any of you guys at Headcharge..?? I cant wait.. (me heads still buzzing away happily from Friday... and Saturday (Probe) - then had a good spin at Gatecrasher to top it off) ------------------Kato[This message has been edited by Mushinkato (edited 18 December 2001).]


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Posted:HAPPY MONDAY!!I just wanted to follow Kato by thanking you guys for a banging night, made all the better for meeting you all. (Names and faces are still a bit blurred!!)Looking forward to the next one!! (Hopefully I'll be fully fit then):-)~MP.S. After seeing you guys I realise how much practice I have ahead of me!
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Damn!!Cheers for all the new ideas[This message has been edited by Marlboro (edited 18 December 2001).]

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.



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Posted:merrymeetwhirling swirls of uv orange letters begast a normal orange background clearly(?) states'woowoo !!! 4:30was2early to leave you lot
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merrymet1and all-gotta get together on a hill 4 fire at somepoint toohappy new year allhope to meet in the new 1



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Posted:Thanks gang, I had a wicked time too. Great to meet you Orange, Kato and Marlborough.I managed to get my best mate and my brother out for the fisrt time er, ever! So appologies for ignoring you guys a little. TEMPEST




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Posted:Cheers guys for a brilliant night out. It was cool to meet you all. Happy spinning and merry crimbles. See you at Headcharge Jan 25th (Chris Liberator I'm sooo exited!! & Cantus's birthday)Onelove, Thistlefirepixie
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Are we nearly there yet?


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