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Just wanted to share our upcoming show with you all...The CabiriFirst Night 2001-2002December 31, 2001Tacoma, Washington (1 hour south of Seattle)Join us for the City of Tacoma's official New Year's Eve celebration - First Night.Live music, dance, performance, and more from 5:30pm-12:30am, including the Mud Bay Jugglers, The Cabiri, Mas Uda middle eastern dancers, and more. A $10 festival button gives you access to everything.Don't miss The Cabiri performance troupe in the following events:Merrymaker's March - 5:30pmPantages Theater - The Dawn of Ch'u - 8pm & 9pm (trapeze, aerial dance, fire performance, and more)Pierce Transit Main Stage - FINALE - 11:45pm - The Cabiri ring in the new year, with an 18-person fire performance, effigy burning, and pyrotechnic displayFor details, and a complete schedule of performances, visit:*Charly*~The

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