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Posted:A lot of my digital pictures from vees.net of the Baltimore Calefaction Society have been posted here to this site, and I've received a lot of positive feedback. If you are interested in 8x10 glossies of anything I've taken, please e-mail me at rob@vees.net with the theme and filename (full URL is also OK) and I'll add the full-resolution original to my photo gallery at printroom.com so you can order them yourself. Everything I've done can be made available at their printing cost of $2.99 each, and other sizes are available. I don't make any money off of this, just glad to know that people want to hang my pictures on their wall. :-)All my pictures are available on my web site at:http://vees.net/and my orderable photo gallery is up at:http://www.printroom.com/ViewAlbum.asp?userid=kc2aei&album_id=34660&image_id=

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